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Talk:Create simple overlay with UserControl in Windows Phone

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SB Dev -

Works fine in both WP7 and WP8 build configurations => added to the Windows Phone 8 category.

SB Dev (talk) 16:32, 6 September 2013 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - What device did you test this on

Hi Oliver

What WP8 device did you test this on (or is this review based on your knowledge only?).

If you tested on a new SDK or device it can be useful to add that above in the articlemetadata. Also if you test and find an article still to be good some time after it is created it is good to add your userid and the current date to the articlemetadata "review-" fields (this tells users that even though the content is older, it is still valid both in versions and in time - all ways of assessing how an article might have aged). Similarly, if you do have to do edits to improve an article you'll normally put your details in the "updated-" fields (for the same reason).



hamishwillee (talk) 07:48, 9 September 2013 (EEST)


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