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Talk:Creating a simple colour matching game in silverlight for Windows Phone

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Hamishwillee - Subedited, moved

Hi Kunal

I've given this it a basic subedit for wiki style - using Template:Icode for inline code (usually we also link to API reference first time a new code object is mentioned), bold for button presses and file names. I've also improved the introduction - there is no point having a separate Summary if the material is all introductory. I renamed it because most "games" in WP are in XNA for WP7 and C++ for WP8 (so we needed to make this clear). Also this is "general WP", not WP8 specific.

In terms of room for improvement, this is quite a nice article about how you created the game and the way you approached the problems. I did find the comparisons to Qt a little confusing since it wasn't clear that this was a porting article because the comparisons are relatively superficial. I think it would probably be better in this case just to stick to "pure" WP development. A useful addition to the wiki. Thanks!

In terms of the competition this really isn't what we were after. The reason being that you created this with WP8 SDK, but you used only general WP7 features - in other words this will run on every platform. As covered in Windows_Phone_8_Wiki_Competition_2012Q4#Stuck_for_ideas? we're after articles that explain the new WP8 features comprehensively or innovatively.

Thanks again



hamishwillee 06:35, 15 November 2012 (EET)

Kunal the one - Qt comparison removed

HI Hamish,

Thank you for editing and comment.

I agree with your comment related to Qt and I remove Qt comparisons from article.

Regarding the last comment, I don't know WP development much yet, will try if I can come up with something relevant. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks and regards


kunal_the_one 15:22, 15 November 2012 (EET)

Hamishwillee - relevant "to the competition"

Hi Kunal

... will try if I can come up with something relevant.

Just to be very precise, I am not saying that your article is not relevant to the wiki (it is!) it is just not WP8 specific. Check out the stuck for ideas link above to see some of the new features you could talk about.

In any case, thanks so much for competing - I like to see what our past contributors can come up with on new platforms.



hamishwillee 06:43, 20 November 2012 (EET)

Kunal the one - relevant "to the competition"

Hi hamish,

Thanks for clarification :)


kunal_the_one 10:24, 22 November 2012 (EET)

Paynito - really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed your article. It was easy to follow. My background is from the camel book. I am very new to the C# world and this was a nice length and covered things well, I liked it better than the full length books or video series I've tried on C# and windows phone dev. I think it's great to still target wp7 and 7.1 devices. But I want to use a date picker for my app, so I think that puts me with wp8 and coding for fun toolkit. Great writing. Keep it up! Should look great on the resume.

paynito (talk) 12:51, 2 September 2013 (EEST)