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Talk:Creating an RSVP Reader for Asha devices

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Hamishwillee - A little feedback

Hi Arun

Firstly, thanks for competing. Great to see what people can do with the platform.

I think this is a respectable article. The main problem is that Building a communication system for visually impaired users on the Asha software platform already provides an RSVP reader solution and delivered first - and also covered topics like how to integrate with messaging. The main "value add" of this reader is the accelerometer control, which is fairly nice. I also like that this is a discrete article that covers one topic - which is hence easy to find.

In terms of "room for improvement", this does need a subedit for English and grammar. Remember that there is a space after almost every single punctuation character - e.g. full stops.



hamishwillee (talk) 06:57, 16 December 2013 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Subedited/Reviewed

Hi Arun

I have further subedited this for English and wiki style. Can you please review and confirm that you are happy with the changes.

On more detailed reading the other things I like about this are the fact you've shown how to integrate the changes in the different UIs (LWUIT/canvas/form). I also think the point you made on changing the frequency for high frequency words would also be a good idea.

I guess there are lots of other tricks you might do. For example as a user I might like to be able to tap on a word and have the UI display a number of words either side of it for me to give the context. Also I might like to be able to have the reader store my preferred reading speed as per the accelerometer. None of which is really needed for the article.

Thanks very much!



hamishwillee (talk) 09:44, 16 December 2013 (EET)

Arunkam -

Thanks for your comments and subedits!

arunkam (talk) 17:06, 16 December 2013 (EET)