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18 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090918)

When using a low-level screen such as a Canvas, the normal UI controls for entering text are not available. As a result, programmers often have to write their own code to mimic the normal text entry components. For this reason, this article provides a useful shell for doing just that. The code example provided implements basic multi-tap text entry (where multiple characters are assigned to each key). The code handles basic functionality, such as clearing letters, caret positioning and handling the delays between button presses (distinguishing between letter switching and moving onto the next letter).

Because this is the type of code programmers often have to write when text entry on a Canvas is required, this article is especially useful. While the code example is far from complete, it provides a useful starting point for programmers wanting to implement similar functionality.

Consider providing some screenshots for how the UI looks with the implementation. Would be a good value add to the article.

Rasika123 - J2ME Keypad

Thank You for this coding and its very helpful to me!I am developing a Sinhala SMS application,and I was entered sinhala Unicode for this code and its working!but i want to apply this code to my application and type that Unicode in a Text field!How can I do that?

Rasika123 08:48, 5 September 2011 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Written in 1998

I suggest you raise this issue with Jappit (the author) through the private messaging system or raise the query on our discussion boards. There is no guarantee the author is still watching this page. In general we welcome comments, but prefer those which refer to the article itself, not support that you want on your particular project (unless they are going to be relevant to other users reading the article)



hamishwillee 09:04, 5 September 2011 (EEST)