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12 Sep
Article Review by User:Narendrachinni (20090912)

Symbian C++ contains a number of unique features that must be considered in the design. Tho-phase construction, cleanup stack, leaves, panics and numer of other concepts are often not properly understood by newcomers, that leads to mistakes. This article contains useful and actual material, which sets out the basic rules for how to act when solving certain problems of development and how not to do it. The author not only points to the typical errors, but also explains what to do to avoid them.
01 Sep
Article Review by User:FireSwarog (20090901)

The article demonstrates a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects os Symbain C++, the code examples reflect well the authors thoughts. The article is recommended for reading to the beginners in Symbian C++ development. Practical advices contained in this material will help understand features of this design methodology, as well as better understand the basic principles of software development for mobile devices.
06 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090906)

This article presents the complete work of the author. The basic things we should always keep in mind during programming with Symbian C++ are described here. The basic concepts of topics of Symbian C++ like Basic type of classes,two phase construction, Leaves, Cleanupstack ,virtual destructors, error handeling etc. are abstracted and written in this article.

While developing your program in first attemp as a beginner, you may find these kind of errors.This article really becomes helpful to make our program efficient and Reliable. The simple and frequently arising errors which should be kept in mind are well explained here.This article is useful to a beginner and of course an experienced person should always keep those things in mind.


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