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Talk:Design Pattern for Java ME Canvas based applications

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BaseCanvas is tightly coupled to class SplashScreen even though its only accessed by via an abstract interface CanvasScreen. This is counter productive as it transforms the implementation of Strategy pattern to a very simple Wrapper implementation.

Suggested Solution:

  • Please provide Getter/Setting methods to member variable cs.
  • Make member variable 'cs' private.
  • Please check for null while invoking the stratergy assigned to 'cs'.
  • Making the getter/setters static and accessible outside the package will make it easily accessible from other classes, and would save the developer from task of sharing the instance of BaseCanvas throughout the code.
  • Since there will only be a single instance of BaseCanvas hence application of singleton pattern is recommended.

22 Sep
Article Review by vkmunjpara (20090922)

This article solves the problem of flicker when anybody redirects from one form to any other form.

This article is good explained with good example.Self generated BaseCanvas class is good explained.and solution for this problem is also explained with brief.


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