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Featured article, December 27th 2009 (week 53)

29 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090929)

This article provides starting guide about designing patterns in Symbian . The article presents various basic design categories like architectural design, structural pattern and behavior patterns to provide basic aspects in designing patterns.

Here, the author has described the Model view controller design pattern with details. The author has also analyzed how to using MVC pattern in S60, why MVC is important and what is the use of MVC.

In the article, the author has also illustrated various pattern like adapter pattern which is used to adapt to changing requirements without changing structure of the initial design, observer pattern which is used in many event based application to separate events and state pattern which is used to provide entity.

This article provides fundamental knowledge for beginner as well as designers who wants to make design patterns in Symbian.

06 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090906)

The article illustrates the detailed presentation of the various points related to design pattern in Symbian. The developer is supposed to have the basic information about the design pattern befor starting development. The basic aspect of designing in Symbian are is (Model View Controller), Which is clearly expressed here. Moreover the Adapter pattern, Observer patteren and State pattern are also described.

The essential feature to know before developing any program is mentioned in this article and thus it becomes important for beginner.