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Talk:Designing Series 40 apps with Nokia UI API and Canvas for Great User Experiences

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Hamishwillee - I think this is three articles

Hi Adarsha

I think this is 2 or possibly 3 small and distinct articles which really don't belong together. I suggest you split them.

The second two articles are the "dual workspace" and "submenu". I think the point on dual workspace (which I would actually call "Supporting orientation change using Java ME") about the fact you need to create two distinct views is quite useful. I might extend this to talk about possible additional views you need for different UI dimensions.

My only concern with these 2 articles is whether the content is already covered in the library documentation. If these add little then there is no point duplicating that information. HOwever if they build on it, you should still link to apireference, guides and design guides on menus, submenus etc.

The first possible article is the first section of this article "Designing S40 apps with Nokia UI API and Canvas for Great User Experiences". I'm not sure what this section is really trying to achieve - what does the person walk away from this article in one sentence? I suggest that I didn't come away from this section with any idea how to "design apps with Nokia UI API and Canvas". I think what you're trying to do is introduce some basic concepts and explain how much expertise is needed for each. I don't think you can do this without also mentioning the LWUIT for Series 40 project, because that is also a major UI component.

If it were me, unless you can get a clearer idea of what you want to achieve in this first part, I would push the key screenshots into the other two articles I think you should create, and delete anything which is "left over".

That way you'll end up with two simple, but useful articles that show how to do something people want to be able to do - use sub menus and support orientation changes.

What do you think?



hamishwillee 09:45, 30 July 2012 (EEST)