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Featured article, July 12th 2009 (week 29)

11 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090911)

The article contains tips to design effective and efficient web pages. These tips are presented here in a very simple manner. Generally a mobile device is having a small screen and contents of the web-page should fit to screen well. The web-page should be short and should contain more content. Many more aspects are illustrated in this article.

The artilce is important to everybody who are into designing mobile web-pages. Beginners and intermediate developers will get most out of this article.

17 Sep
Article Review by sangramp@cybage.com (20090917)

Very good article to refer to start designing for mobile web pages. The author has very well explained aspects of optimising the web content for mobile with the illustration. The key design considerations like optimisation specific to device platform, scalable pages, navigation structure is very described with the different screen-shots for different devices. The comparision of not following the best practises against design with best practises is provided with the visuals.

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