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21 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090921)

This article explains a deeper meaning of how to design usability. Usability is an attribute that shows how user can easily access the user interfaces. Usability is mainly used to ensure a high user satisfaction.

Nowadays, usability is very important aspects when designing for the real estate application for mobile devices. The step by step instruction is given in such a way that everyone can easily understand designing of usability.

The author has also demonstrated some important key component of usability design such as understanding the user, testing and validating the system, design to make the constraints your strength. The author has given some key points to remember while using the usability design for mobile applications. In this article, some references are also provided which is very useful for the usability versus design.

This is one of the best article for beginner who focuses on designing usability.

18 Sep
Article Review by (20090918)

The article defines what the usability is all about and discuss some of the basic/important aspects of usability. Its very well explained how the usability aspect for mobile device is different than that of desktop PC's.

The designers working on mobile apps will get most out of the article. The links provided in the article are even important and discuss the usability principles in details.

Christian-hochfilzer - UX Resources

I would suggest you also look at as they have a bunch of excellent usability resources:

here is ours:

christian-hochfilzer 22:06, 30 April 2012 (EEST)