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Talk:Display wait note between HTTP response delay

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23 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090923)

This article represents code to display wait note between HTTP response delay. Sometimes it gets too long to get the response from HTTP for the request issued. The demostrated example displays a dialog with "Please wait" text during this waiting moment.

The header file used for doing this task is <AknWaitNoteWrapper.h> and our test class is derived from MAknBackgroundProcess and MHTTPObserver. All the essential libraries that should be added are also mentioned at the top. The mandatory changes that should be done in the resource file are also illustrated in this article. Though the article does not contain any overview, the code presented here contains comments to make it understandable with less efforts.

This article can be beneficail to beginners to understand the API for creating display notes between HTTP response delay.