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26 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090926)

This article presents a tree UI component for Java ME. Such components are commonly used in desktop applications as they are useful for presenting hierarchical information. However, no standard tree UI component is available to programmers as part of the MIDP classes. The author presents a tree component which allows programmers to display hierarchical data in a tree format which allows users to expand/collapse nodes and scroll through the tree.

While the code is not very well commented, the tree component is nicely organised into two classes, one which contains the logic for a single tree node and the other which contains the logic and presentation code for the entire tree. The code is well written and the use of meaningful method and field names make the code easy to follow and understand. It should be easy for another programmer to make use of this component and customize it as necessary. A link is also provided to see the component in action, showing it to work as specified. Perhaps one shortcoming of the component is that if node labels are too long, the component does not appear to provide logic to wrap text or provide horizontal scrolling functionality.

This article presents a useful UI component which will allow designers of Java ME midlets to present hierarchical data in an intuitive format.


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