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16 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090916)

SMS is the very basic feature of our mobile. The world has changed, but the basic SMS application is the same. Many improvements can be done on the basic messaging application and the article provides some of them. The article provides ideas to enhance the normal message dialog and inbox of the basic SMS application.

I really appreciate author's ideas. This article can be useful to each and every developer to get motivated to create innovative applications.

18 Sep
Article Review by (20090918)

It's an effort to make the smart phone even smarter.

The new ideas suggested by the author are really innovative and the manufacturer should give the due consideration on improving the SMS functionality. I only have some concerns what will happen in the Inbox Message View when the text in the SMS is scrollable. Stiking to the design, it does not allow scrolling as scrolling buttons will high-light the next/previous message. Also in case of touch devices where there are no keys to scroll the Up/Down messages, it soley depends upon the screen area and hence when the Preview mode on, user can not select the next SMS.

Even though above are some implementation issues, there could be some valid solutions depending upon the target device criteria but yes, its very necessary to smart the SMS functionality.