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10 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090910)

At sometimes in web-based applications, we need to know the listing of host's IP address and network interfaces. This article simply represents the code for the same. The aricle contains introduction of the article and also presents about basic platform and APIs it has used. The class here used for doing this task is "QNetworkInterface". You should note that all the methods in the class are reentrant. "allAddress()" method of this class is used to obtain the IP address and "allInterface()" method is used to get the network interface.

The article has represented the code in a systematic manner. The article can be useful to beginner as well as intermediate developers.

18 Sep
Article Review by fasttrack (20090918)

Article shows the use of the QNetworkInterface and QHostAddress. Header and source file code shows complete mode of application. Merging this to another application make that application very grand.

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