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Hamishwillee - Trying to think of some helpful feedback ....

Hi Grift

Thanks for competing in the competition. I think this article is well written and structured, and you will note that at this point I have not seen fit to make a single edit (that is quite rare).

I do think it suffers slightly from not being sure if the audience is a Nokia "this is how you should improve the product" and other end users "here are some things that I learned" in the process. Like many of the other contributions to this competition I also think it will age badly as the feedback is adopted. That all said, there is certainly useful information for both camps there and I will be making sure that the product management get that which is intended for Nokia. We are really greatful for it!

I like the fact that this is a case study for a real app. Going forward I'd probably change the title to make it clear this is a case study and possibly draw more of the key conclusions in the introduction - for example I found your advice regarding restricting locale for a weight watchers related app to be interesting, and worth mentioning that the article does provide advice related to real world experiences. Just rambling now sorry.

Thanks again, I will be very pleased to see more from you on this wiki!



hamishwillee 08:12, 5 April 2013 (EEST)


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