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Talk:High performance Widgets: Optimize your JavaScript

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24 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090924)

This article is the 3rd serie of the "High Performance Widgets". You can also refer the first two which will help in improving performance of your widget based application: They are: High Performance Widgets: CSS Sprites and High performance Widgets: Combine your JavaScripts and CSS in external Files.

The serie 1 article discussed about the way to improve the performance of WRT widgets by useing CSS sprites in our application and how we can use CSS sprites. The serie 2 article represents how we can combine JAVA scripts and CSS in exterfiles.

This article highlights the tips and tricks to optimize the JAVA script code make the application faster with more efficiently and effectively. These tips are tricks are explained with ease and in a simple languge. Also the article is in an organized manner.

Every technology always has the scope to improve. Web based applications are used widely these days and this article gets very useful in improving the application performance. This article can be very helpful to beginners and intermediate developers.