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29 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090929)


This article demonstrates how to set a video clip as a ringing tone for a contact using Java ME. This has only recently become possible with some of the more recent 5th edition firmware releases. The article demonstrates how to add a video clip as part of a new contact using the PIM API (JSR-75). It demonstrates how to get a ContactList object, create a new Contact object, set the required attributes. Most importantly it demonstrates how to assign a video file to a contact, either as an extended field (EXTENDED_FIELD_MIN_VALUE) or as VIDEO_URL field. It also shows how to check whether the VIDEO_URL field is supported.

The article demonstrates a nice new feature that allows us to use video files as ringtones. Just beware, as the code provided in this article is only currently supported by very few devices (Series 40 5th Ed. FP1 devices, firmware 5.xx or newer). The code example is well written and pretty easy to understand. Most of the code is the same as would normally be used to add a contact using the PIM API. The new part is checking whether the video field is supported and setting the value of this field. This is a useful article demonstrating a fairly new concept.