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Talk:How to autostart an application on boot up using Startup List Management API

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03 Sep
Article Review by User:FireSwarog (20090903)

Autostart of applications during the device boot is a very important feature. S60 3rd Edition offers completely new approach for realization of such feature. Previous S60 2nd allows to realize autostart with the help of the file recognizers - currently such approach is not suitable because of the Platform Security.

Article contains useful and important information, you have to clearly understand all parts of the article for success. Anyway you should also remember about Symbian Signed Criteries - it's necessary to switch off autostart by default.

26 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090926)

Autostart is an important feature to start application at device boot-up. Although autostart feature can also be applied to GUI applications, this feature is more important in background running exes, which monitor some events to occur. Startup List Management API, which is introduced from S60 release 3.0 and onwards, provides means for third party developers to add their native applications into the device’s modifiable startup list in order to launch the application at device boot-up.

Article describes how to use Startup List Management API for S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition devices. Each section of article is important to implement autostart. Application that use Startup List Management API can not work with self-signed certificate, so do not forgot to use trusted certificate to sign application.

Honestly, at-least 2 beginners ask the question "how do i start application on boot-up" everyday in Forum Nokia Discussion Boards and people suggest them to read this article.

Hi ,

I did the above steps but unable to autostart the application. I am using NokiaE61 device.

Where I am wrong?


@Sumit: Have you signed your .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate or with Developer Certificate?



Autostart not working when installed on memory card on N73

I am using steps specified in "Startup List Management API" in "S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS API" reference guide. Startup of the exe works ok when application is installed on c. However, if application is installed on memory card, exe does not start-up. No error is shown. Handset is an N73 with firmware v3.0638.0.0.1.

Anybody know solution for this?

Difficulty in following the steps

Hi, I am using carbide.vs 3.0.1 with visual 2005 and S60 3rd edition FP1. I am developing for Nokia N95. I am trying to make the sample helloworld to start on boot. I am having following difficulties in following the steps mentioned:

  1. In the 5th step I have rebuilt with configuration "WINSCW UDEB" [no SIS is produced]
  2. In the PKG file I am now supposed to add "C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\Epoc32\data\06000001.rsc"-"c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc"
   In my case there is no 06000001.rsc in C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\Epoc32\Data\

So when I add "C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\epoc32\Data\06000001.rsc"-"c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc" to my PKG file and build with configuration GCCE UREL to generate SIS, I get I/O error on the line added in the PKG file.

Please give me some suggestions to proceed.

NB, is it sufficient to sign my SIS through with all capabilities granted so that it may start on boot?


==> I have found the 06000001.RSC in C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\Epoc32\Data\z\resource\apps and as I added "C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\epoc32\Data\z\resource\apps\06000001.RSC" - "!:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc" in the PKG file, SIS is now built seamlessly. I have signed through and it successfully installs on Nokia N95.

But it starts on boot only when SIS is installed on phone memory and not on the memory card.

NB, SISExplorer gave me a kind of ground about what to expect inside a SIS. Whether to use "c:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc" or "!:\private\101f875a\import\[06000001].rsc"


Making the article more generic

I've seen recently some conflicting edits in this article and based on that information I would like to suggest that the article should be made to look more generic:

For example the file name in the resource can be formated so as to indicate that it is a component that the developer would need to change it according to his own project. Italic text and maybe color coding can be used.

ltomuta 16:26, 19 June 2008 (EEST)

Just made some changes accordingly, please verify it and correct it if you find anything improper.

--kiran10182 16:57, 19 June 2008 (EEST)

About the RSS file

At least I had to put the new RSS file in the data folder (instead of group).


That indeed the standard location for rss files however the locations is not that relevant if you specify the correct path in the MMP file.

ltomuta 13:16, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

About point#2

1) I could see something ' in the '..DATA\.... Is it intentional or a typo?
2) Some comments regarding .r01 has been removed. I guess we had a discussion about this in Making the article more generic

--kiran10182 20:26, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

  1. Let's try then <PRJ_DIRECTORY> as a root to all the paths, that could be more clear.
  2. The registration file is not subject to localization so that's why I removed any reference to *.R?? but you're right, the SC language may not be always in the default set.

Ok, consider it fixsed :)

ltomuta 21:37, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

As far as my first point was concerned, i was referring to ´ character which was there previously. I guess it was typo and i removed that character. :)
--kiran10182 22:57, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

)) So your were not quoting "in the" with those ' :))

ltomuta 23:00, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

Hi Lucian, i am bit lost here. I am not able to understand your statement. Perhaps i am sleepy and sitting in the dark room. ;)

--kiran10182 23:46, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

Just as I could not understand you before. It was a long day today ... :)

ltomuta 23:53, 8 July 2008 (EEST)

Mazhar cse - Autostart not working in 3rd Edition

I have created an application and added auto-start feature. It works well in 3rd edition Feature pack2 (N95). but when I build same application for 3rd edition (N73, N93), auto-start doesn't work.

Is there any difference for 3rd edition Fp2 and 3rd Edition? Do any one know the solution?

mazhar_cse 11:55, 20 August 2011 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Try asking on discussion boards

Hi Mazhar cse

Suggest you ask on the forums. Unless there is a specific issue with the article, you're likely to get more answers where the developers "hang out".

If however you do get an answer, updating the document would be helpful to others



hamishwillee 05:25, 23 August 2011 (EEST)

Swtdol - autostart feature not working

I added above lines to my code but still autostart feature on device reboot is not working for me on nokia e5..HELP!!

swtdol 15:56, 16 June 2012 (EEST)


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