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Talk:How to capture screen programmatically in Windows Phone 7

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Hamishwillee - What was this tested on

Hi Pavan

I see you've added the Windows Phone 8 category to this article. Can you please update it to make this more clear?


  • Change the title to "How to capture screen programmatically in Windows Phone" (omit the 7)
  • Everywhere else you mention WP7, change to generic.
  • It is worth noting (ie adding a "note") that the code to do this works same in WP7 and WP8
  • In intro you have "There does not appear to be any way on Windows Phone 7 to write a screen capture application to capture the UI of another application. ". In fact How to take screenshot on Windows Phone shows how to do this, just not programmatically. So probably should make that clear - ie "There is no way to programmatically screen capture application to capture the UI of another application. "
  • Can you add the new devices for WP8 you tested against in the ArticleMetaData? Don't delete the old ones - just add before them.
  • Same with SDK, did you test on the new WP8 SDK? If so, add before

The above is pretty much general guidance - unless we think article applies to WP7 we should make title general and use categories and articlemetadata to show where we expect it to work and where tested.

Lastly, doesn't apply in this case, but if you update an article it is worth checking that the API didn't change or extend between versions. So for example Live Tiles were significantly enhanced in WP8 so an article written for WP7 would be accurate but incomplete. Probably you'd just add a SeeAlso in that case to a new article. Similarly Files now have a new API which is recommended over IsoStore - so you might just extend articles to show the new code. Think about on case by case basis - main point is that we do think rather than just check that everything builds.

Thanks for making the update!



hamishwillee 04:59, 11 June 2013 (EEST)

Purushothamctr.b - Image is not visible in light theme

Hi Pavan,

The code is working fine when the phone theme is "dark". if i change it to "light" and click a snap, the text in the image saved to the media library is no more visible.


Purushotham B.

purushothamctr.b (talk) 16:27, 17 February 2014 (EET)


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