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Croozeus - Nice article

Hello Rohit

Thanks for the article. The popup dialog looks cool and would be helpful to someone.

I edited the article, primarily for it's readability, alignment and syntax highlighting. I think this line can make better sense: "included in the user control is the "Imagebuttoncontrol" which gives image button with mouse over animation look, but the main target is for popup." Can you please reword it for clarity?

  • When using C# code, you can use language as cshap in the code tags, just as you did for XML.
  • For articles like this, I think it's the best have a small code blocks and explain what it does (in a line or two), instead of having the whole code included as self explanatory code. Atleast that's how I would do it.

Looking to see more Windows Phone articles from you!


croozeus (talk) 09:00, 26 May 2014 (EEST)