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12 Sep
Article Review by User:Narendrachinni (20090912)

This article had explained about how to get incoming voip call sip uri here before that we have know about what is VOIP here VOIP means voice over internet protocal this protocal is used for connecting the pc and mobile while calling we can make a internet calls from pc to mobile by using this protocal this is very use full becuase the charge for this type of calling is very chip

This is article had explained how to get incoming Voip call The CTelephony class does not work for VoIP calls. So we cannot use NotifyCall and GetCallInfo to get notification and caller number for VoIP calls. The workaround is to use Logengine to get incoming VoIP SIP uri.

This article is very usefull for the beginners and intermediate and as well as experinced developers also


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