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14 Sep
Article Review by nayan_trivedi (20090914)

This article illustrates the basic fundamental of Digital electronics.you can handle individual bits using This article.so Using this article you can make plenty of other applications.

Hear that is shown that hear we are using QBitArray for the array operation.This operation is same as C or C++.

using This article you can perform different logical operation like AND,OR and NOT.THis three are Universal GATE.so using this three operation you can make any logical operation in QT.According to me This article is very useful.

29 Sep
Article Review by vkmunjpara (20090929)

This article demonstrates a great use of QBitArray API. And This class creates an array of bits and is used to perform some logical operations on those bits and also puts flexibility of using QBitArray Class. This piece of writing also explains some basic functions of QByteArray like replace, setNum, size etc.. And also a code snippet is given and it will be very much constructive to beginners.

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