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25 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090925)

This article demonstrates the use of the Personal Information Management (PIM) API (JSR-75) in Java ME. It addresses an aspect of the API which is not very well documented, namely the use of so-called extended fields for Contact items. The article shows how to add a Contact item to the ContactList on the phone which makes use of all the extended fields which are available. Aside from all the standard fields which are listed as static fields in the Contact class, some devices also support a whole range of other fields. This functionality would therefore be useful for developers working with the Contact database on devices where these extended fields are supported.

The code example is fairly simple and therefore largely self-explanatory. The two "tricks" in the code are explained at the end of the article, demonstrating how to identify an extended field, and how to identify the anniversary field, which expects a date data type.