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Talk:How to move an object into a target in Java ME

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Hamishwillee - This is incomplete

Hi George

Thank you for this article.

I have added an Abstract explaining what I think this is above, and moved in your pre-requisite. What does it mean "move and object into a target?"

I have added the ArticleMetaData template. This states who created the article and when, and its testing and compatibility (ie what devices tested on, what platforms should it work on, what SDK built against.). CAN YOU please update the template with the information because this helps them understand whether the article is likely to be relevant to them ... particularly over time.

This is incomplete as its largely a code dump. Developers are unlikely to use this because there isn't any real explanation of who it is for, what it shows (other than the abstract, and as I said, I don't know what "move an object into a target means". Its also worth explaining the code that isn't obvious - for example why did you do something this way rather than another way, what were your design decisions. I've added the UnderConstruction template. Please remove when you've tidied it up.

I've added all the code in a code block for readability.

Are there any more appropriate categories?

Please see the Help:Wiki Article Review Checklist for other guidance.

Thank you


hamishwillee 03:49, 10 October 2011 (EEST)


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