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25 Sep
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If any phone hasn’t much space to store all mp3 files of his/her choice then a midlet which contains a method defined in this article can be used to play songs from server which has a lot of space to store songs…

Here this article addresses a method playAudio(), in which mainly HttpConnnection class and player object is created.

Here an important thing to understand is that , in the creation of player instance, an instance of InputStream is used. And in the creation of InputStream instance, an instance of HttpConnection is used. And similarly in creation of HttpConnection instance, an URL from server is used as a String. So this article explains playAudio() in a very way

Change Audiotype

Change audiotype to: "audio/mpeg" for using with MP3

== Pavanragi - shoutcast Internet Rado streaming in j2me(Java) MIDP


shoutcast Internet Rado streaming in j2me(Java)

i want to stream mp3 files from the shoutcast URL

and i want to play it in Nokia using java,can you please help me,i have tried this

using HttpConnection and Manager Class, i am facing the Exception which is "11 error in HttpOperation",java.IO.Exception.....



pavanragi 15:28, 13 July 2012 (EEST)