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Talk:How to play video streaming in Java ME

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hi I tried compiling this source but am getting some error.

      private ExampleMIDlet midlet = null; 

is one of the line having error, and each line having ExampleMIDlet midlet contains and error.

Next error was at


how do i solve this error. both the error messages are same cannot find symbol.

it will be a gr8 help if you can help me out. I am trying to stream video from a web cam.

thanks in advance



You have to create a MIDlet named ExampleMIDlet :

Here is an example :

import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet; import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletStateChangeException; import javax.microedition.lcdui.List; import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;

public class ExampleStreamingMIDlet extends MIDlet {

public List list;

public ExampleStreamingMIDlet() { list = new List("Accueil", List.IMPLICIT); }

protected void destroyApp(boolean arg0) throws MIDletStateChangeException {


protected void pauseApp() {


protected void startApp() throws MIDletStateChangeException { VideoCanvas VC = new VideoCanvas(this); Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(VC); }


RTSP link?

Is the RTSP link rtsp:// still working?

I get the exception: Cannot create a Player for: rtsp:// at



Viraj.mehta - Prefetch error -2


After implementation of this code, I get the alert 'Prefetch error -2'. The url is the live stream of an IP camera and it is in mp4 format h.264 baseline profile. Any ideas why this may be happening ?



viraj.mehta 12:56, 4 April 2012 (EEST)

GTO India - Playing rtsp stream or any video sream on Nokia Asha mobiles

where is the completes code / project so that I can build one Live TV ap for BlackBerry device?

Iam unable to play the rtsp video on BB sulator too.

Please solve my query.


shravan kumr

GTO_India 12:09, 11 January 2013 (EET)