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Talk:How to show city locations in a map using Qt and Google Maps for JavaScript

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Featured article, September 20th 2009 (week 39)

20 Sep
Article Review by Ikipou (20090920)

QtMaemo provides fast prototyping and programming in the Maemo environment. This article shows some city locations in Google map using Qt for Maemo.

Before studying this article, developers need to install latest Qt for Maemo.Here, the installation guide for Qt is also provided. A basic knowledge of the Maemo and Qt for Maemo are required for developers to study this article.

In this article, the author has used Google map API for the purpose of showing city location. The author has used Qt designer to build GUI's and to create the application form which contains various Qt components.Basically,the Qt components are QwebView and QPushButton.A Qt component of Qwebview is used to show city location in the Google map using API.The author has also explained how to implement this Qt component to show the city locations in a map, how to compiling this application and how to execute this application with code snippet.

This is a good article for developers who wants to develop Qt applications using API for Maemo platform.

14 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090914)

The article presents step-by-step implementation to show city location in a map using Qt for Maemo. The article uses google map's API to accomplish this task. Qt APIs used in this article are QWebView and QPushButton. A component of QWebView is used to show city locatons in the map using Google API.

The article contains code-snippest for some essential methods. Moreover the information about compiling and screen-shots are also given. The article can be beneficial to intermediate and Experienced developers who are working on Google Map.