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Talk:How to take snapshot in Qt

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12 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090912)

The article seems very intereating. The application presented here grabs the photo-snap of the whole window of your device. The platform used is S60 5th edition and the application is in Qt. The representation od the content is in a systematic manner. The source-code given is in a simple manner. Moreover hte screen-shot of the application is also given.

It is useful to the beginners and intermediate developers for their further progress.

21 Sep
Article Review by vkmunjpara (20090921)

This article is good explained with snapshot so every one can imagine what it will look like.In this article we can take snap shot of a diaplay of an application so that every one can take snapshot of their application displays and they can put this snapshots to their application.

i want to ask a question that can it be possible to run this application in background mode? then every one can take snapshot of the second running application.

26 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090926)

Taking screen-shot in smart-phone is equally important to taking screen-shot in desktop system. Developer find it more useful to show initial layout of application during development phase. Qt have powerful API, called QPixmap::grabWindow(), to capture screen-shot of device.

This article describes how to take screen-shots using QPixmap::grabWindow() API. Source code with source and header file will helps developer to create similar application. Although article have less explanation, but it does not reduce importance of article.