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Talk:How to use HTTP POST request in Java ME

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Hamishwillee - Thanks for the upload grift

Hi Grift

Thanks for adding the example code - that is certainly a significant update. Can you please confirm what platform versions and devices you tested this on, and what SDKs? I will then update the article metadata appropriately.

FYI, I also added an update timestamp to the articlemetadata. The update is for major revisions and changes to the article, and its important to include the timestamp so that people know that the article is current at the date you put in, not just when it was created. It is usual also to update the ArticleMetadata with the SDK, devices tested and versions so that people also know it works on current devices. Sometimes you'll come across an old article that you don't need to update but which works on current devices - in this case you can do the same updates to articlemedatadata but instead update the "reviewed-by" and "reviewed-timestamp" fields (again, so people know the article is still valid)

Thanks very much!



hamishwillee 01:31, 3 April 2013 (EEST)


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