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20 Sep
Article Review by elicec12 (20090920)

This article is very good.

It presents some common methods of QString and systematically mixes an example and a small explanation. The final example might be a bit too complicated for a beginner but the comments describe everything so I think it is ok. I like this final example because one can easily play with it in the simulator.

There is one thing I really miss for a introduction to QString: an explanation of the method QString::arg(). This method is very useful, while QString::append() or QString::prepend() are mostly useless in real applications because of internationalization.

This article is still "Reviewer Approved" for me. It is good even without QString::arg().

11 Sep
Article Review by fasttrack (20090911)

A string operation is fully described in this article. It’s a good to learn how to perform a particular operation on the string in Qt. at the start the method is described very well.

A small image says everything about the article.


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