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27 Sep
Article Review by kalki (20090927)

It is important to know how developers can sign their java application.The process is called java Verification,it is used for testing and certification for J2ME Applications.Initially application developer has to test their application properly for some criteria called Unified Test Criteria. Internal Testing can increase chances to get approval from company.Second step is to create an account at you need to register there and submit your J2ME application there for approval. Once submitted and approved by selected test houses it will be signed and will be available for download in same website.

Three types of testing can be performed at company end. First is automated,Second is UTC an Third is Digital signing.MIDlet is also tested for GUI,Functionality security,network bandwidth consumption,launch time etc.

This article is the only source to understand the whole Application signing process.Everything is given so fantastically so that it is easy to understand the whole signing process.Most Important article for every J2ME developers.

30 Sep
Article Review by felipepontes (20090930)

This article sumarizes the proccess of signing a Java ME application. The process is simple. However to adapt the application to the UTC document can be very hard to do. Then, it is very important to study in depth the UTC document before start implementing the application.

This article is a good article because it presents in a clear and direct way the whole process to test and sign a Java ME application.


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