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Talk:Mobile Design: Listbox Usability

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21 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090921)

This article demonstrates a fundamental knowledge of list box usability. Basically, the list box is used to display more than one items. A list box allows the user to select one or more items from a list.

The author has mentioned some basics of list usability with the screenshots by comparing some ideal or poor application design. In the article , the step by step instruction is given in such a way that designers can easily understand and implement this.

The author has given some common guidelines while using list box like how to display a logically related set of items, how to display entire content on the list itself, how to scroll the list up and down , how to customize the search options,how to present the long list contents.

This is a very useful article for designers who focuses on list box.

09 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090909)

Very nice and useful article. It provides essential suggestions for using lists in apps, which are commonly and frequently used so they have to be carefully implemented for good user experience. Almost all rules are illustrated with correct and incorrect ui examples and there are numerous references in sections.

One aspect of lists I miss in this article is how orientation affects real estate and displaying of lists - in landscape there might be less item showing, but more text of individual items is on the screen. How to deal with that? Is multicolumn a solution? Is horizontal scrolling any option?

I am quite surprised nobody have picked this article for review. Thumbs up from me.