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03 Sep
Article Review by kamalakshan (20090903)

The article demonstrates a deep understanding of Mobile Design Patterns : Applying Focus, the examples and diagrams provided reflect well the authors thoughts. This article is recommended for reading by everyone who wants to implement this design pattern. The advantages, disadvantages, when and how to use has been explained properly. It also mentions some design tips which could be handy when designing. The article also explores the focus handling of list items in S60 5th Ed.
06 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090906)

It a good introduction to focus topic. Article is indeed well equipped with examples and it reads well. It explains the difference in focus on non-touch and touch devices and shows importance of having default focus.

I'd like to see improved is Design Tips section - it seems too short, lacks examples. I wonder whether there's some more article on subject of foucs - it'd be nice to have some references.


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