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Talk:Mobile Design Pattern: High Performance Widgets: CSS Sprites

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24 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090924)

This article discusses about one of the ways to improve the performance of WRT widgets. It tells if we use CSS sprites in our application, then it really helps in increasing the performance of the widgets.

CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS sprites allow you to create a single file that contains all the images laid out in a grid, requiring only a single image and only a single server call. This increases the efficiency of your web application. This article represents how CSS sprites works and also illustrates how we can use CSS sprites with their relative code snippests. In the end, article also mentions the advantages of using CSS sprites in our web based application.

Apart from that article also contains an demostrated example to let it understandable to beginners.

Web based applications are widely used these days. This article is the 1st one from the series of "High Performance Widgets". You can refer High performance Widgets: Combine your JavaScripts and CSS in external Files and High performance Widgets: Optimize your JavaScript to improve the performance of your Widget based application. This article gets beneficial to beginners and intermediate developers.