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Talk:Mobile Design Pattern: Home Screen

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03 Sep
Article Review by warjan (20090903)

From the article you can learn about the role of home screen - a place where most important shortcuts to apps and information are displayed. Author starts with presenting the existing home screens of S60 devices (except for N97), then present a concept of cube with different home screens on each side. Very attractive, but I am not sure if very useful. Then author gives some snippets for creating widgets for N97 style home screen.

Anyway, my favorite part is when author puts N97's, iPhone's and G1's home screen. N97 has all user cares up front. It is an eye opener moment for me - showing content to the users the way N97 seems for me perfect, because it:

  1. Involves user immediately.
  2. Give immediate feedback
  3. Uses fully screen's real estate.

It was an inspiring read.