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17 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090917)

This article demonstrates a deeper understanding of mobile design pattern: Scrolling. Basically, this article focuses on how to show the list of items on a linear scrolling menu. Generally scrolling is used as sliding the text,image or video.

The author has explained twp types of scrolling designs in details with screenshots. In the article, the author has used the Opera software to illustrate both type of scrolling. In Continuous scrolling, the page moves upward when the users scroll by pressing the downkey and similarly the page moves downward when the users scroll by pressing the up key. In page by page scrolling , when the users scroll the downward key, the screen moves upwards.

This article is very useful for minimizes users action by arranging or handling large data with the help of scrolling.

16 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090916)

Paging and Scrolling are the two different ways to handle large related content which can not be accumulated in one page/ screen. To choose one from paging or scrolling is depended on developer only. Generally scrolling is referred as sliding the text, image or video which can not get fit to the limited screen size. And Paging is reffered as to move frequebtly between pages/ views.

The article deals with quick overview and basic types of Scrolling. Both types of scrollings are well-explained with image implementations. Scrolling secures its importance in handeling/ arranging large data, and thus this article also secures its importance to the developers.

The article can be useful to beginners and intermediate developers to study Scrolling.