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Talk:Mobile Design Pattern: Teaser Menu

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Level: Basic

Sometimes, it's very important to design the web page in such a way that important information or content displayed on main page. Especially, teaser menu pattern is used mainly for this purpose. A teaser menu shows a menu with expand capabilities.

The author has demonstrated this design pattern with the number of attractive and understandable screenshots. The author has given step by step instructions for teaser menu designing pattern.

The author has explained why and when to use the teaser menu. He has also described the various kinds of teaser menu like vertical teaser menu which is used to display additional options and horizontal teaser menu which is used to display sub menu items. This article also provides some ways of enhancing the user experience with suitable screenshots..

This is a very nice article for users as well as designers who focuses on various menu interface design.

nirpsis 18:08, 21 September 2009 (UTC)