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22 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090922)

Testing is an integral part of any software development methodology. This article discusses the unique requirements for testing of mobile applications as compared to testing desktop applications. The article highlights some key factors which are unique to the mobile environment. These are the limitations in terms of hardware and processing power, differing contexts of use, and differing user expectations. Several differences regarding testing of web applications/web sites on mobile devices are also presented, highlighting the relative newness of the mobile platform for browsing the web as a motivation for more thorough testing and evaluation.

By highlighting the differences between testing in the mobile and desktop environments, this article supports the widely held view that testing of mobile applications needs to be done differently. Different platforms and contexts of use need to be considered. In short, testing cannot just take place in the laboratory, but also in a natural context of use. This is the environment the application will be used in, so it needs to be tested in this environment. This is a well-written article.