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Talk:MonoGame on Windows Phone 8 Post-Processing Your Game

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Aady - Minor Edit

Very nice article. Thumbs up !!!

Minor edit - Embedded the video, instead of just displaying the link. And reworded the text around to make it compatible.



Aady 21:43, 1 March 2013 (EET)

This is ridiculous - >>>>>>> Aady - Minor Edit

Cool! Thanks for editing

this_is_ridiculous 22:19, 1 March 2013 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Nice addition to the wiki

Thanks for this - a nice extension to the material in XNA Games On Windows Phone 8 with Monogame (and I have added a SeeAlso link to this article from there). I haven't give it a proper subedit but it looks very useful on first review.

Just FYI, in general we use a link first time we mention a class in text (to MSDN). On subsequent mentions, and for other in-line code objects we mark up in monotype using the Icode template. We tend to use bold for filename and button presses.

What would really improve this is a buildable code example (a xap or project in a zip file). That way people can try out what you're suggesting more easily.



hamishwillee 08:50, 4 March 2013 (EET)

This is ridiculous - >>>>> Hamishwillee

Thanks for suggestions. I will keep it in mind next time.

There is a link for a code example in "The Code" section. This is ready to be built. May one thing to keep in mind that one needs a SharpDX redist that is also downloadable from the MonoGame github repo. Or is it something else that you mean here?

this_is_ridiculous 11:42, 4 March 2013 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Thanks

Thanks for the clarification - I missed the code example in the code section and have now added it up into the "ArticleMetaData" above. There are some other fields that are worth updating (like the SDK) - right now it doesn't matter, but in future it becomes useful to be able to confirm the right version of SDK that is guaranteed to work.

>May one thing to keep in mind that one needs a SharpDX redist that is also downloadable from the MonoGame github repo. That is worth adding in the code section if its an instruction that people need to consider when trying the code. Please add.

Good news is that the moderators really liked this article, so even though I haven't reviewed it properly, they think it is basically "good".

Thanks again.



hamishwillee 07:20, 12 March 2013 (EET)