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Hamishwillee - Looks like an interesting topic

I can't find any similar topics in the Category so thanks!

Any idea when you might finish this? Let me know when you're done and I can give it a quick subedit.



hamishwillee 09:05, 23 January 2013 (EET)

This article is finished, so edit ahead.

--vivainio 09:52, 23 January 2013 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Thanks, did basic wiki style subedit

thanks, I did a very basic review against Help:Wiki Article Review Checklist to do stuff like make filenames bold, and inline object into Icode text.

In the ArticleMetaData can you specify the phones, platform versions and SDK you used to write/test this with?



hamishwillee 06:34, 24 January 2013 (EET)

Mr.killer - Thx for this excellent article

I am using nokia development platform for first time and everything worked out smoothly.

Mr.killer 22:34, 21 March 2013 (EET)