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Talk:Optical Motion Detection as Interaction Technology for Mobile Phones

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23 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090923)

This interesting article describes an algorithm which detects physical movement of a mobile phone by examining sequences of images captured using the camera of the mobile device. While the article is somewhat dated (it is originally written in 2005 and still refers to the first devices to incorporate accelerometers), it describes an interesting idea. Several other academic papers have been written in recent years focusing on the use of the cameras built into mobile phones to detect device movement. Much similar research has been done in the area of so-called “sensor-based” interaction techniques, which move beyond the traditional interaction techniques favoured for so long by developers and handset manufacturers.

While this article may seem rather high-level to some readers, it helps highlight that mobile devices now provide many different possibilities for facilitating interaction. With Sensor APIs now available for all the major mobile platforms, the use of more advanced interaction techniques is only likely to increase in future. Already several applications are emerging which make use of device movement as a form of input, through tilting and shaking gestures.