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Talk:Optimizing battery life

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05 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090905)

Life of battery usually depends on standard of battery, but this is the not true always. User of a phone and developer of an application, that is installed on phone, can contribute a lot to increase life of battery. User of phone increase life of battery by turning off feature that is not required, for example turn off bluetooth if not required longer. Developer can increase life of battery by optimizing code in such a way that use less resource, like disconnecting GPRS connection when no longer needed.

This article described many ways by which developer can minimize draining battery power. Most common battery-draining culprits are Bluetooth, GPRS and WiFi. So turn off them in your application when no longer needed.

Article lists things to consider when thinking about battery life. I don't think that last to points are in context here. Description says about things to do in applications, title isn't as much specific. It's confusing.

--warjan 22:36, 6 September 2009 (UTC)