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I have given this a basic subedit. I think it is quite well written and you've captured the spirit of all my previous comments. Well done!

Some general comments:

  1. Use consistent markup for inline code. In most cases you should use the Icode template rather than mixing bold and Icode (icode is just the html tt tag at the moment).
  2. You will note however that in a few cases I have used Qapiname template. Right now this is a synonym for Icode. In the near future I will be changing this to a dynamic hyperlink to the stable version of the Qt documentation - e.g. I'm introducing this here for you so you know what it is when you see it in future. Note that it will only be for core Qt documents.
  3. In the CodeSnippet template, only use real categories, and these categories should be matched by the categories in the article itself. In this case I've set as UI.
  4. Check that the topic is not already well covered in the wiki. We need coverage of missing areas more than we need new content. Note that I'm not saying that this does duplicate other work - this is a general comment!
  5. Add reference to core Qt documentation (e.g. under its own heading: This will not be necessary if you provide the links inline, as I will with Qapiname

I have asked some of the other moderators to give this a review. Thanks again, I see this as a useful

hamishwillee 02:47, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

Cool article Somnath. Seems you have been doing lot gfx stuff with QWidgets :)

Hamish covered the review pretty well, I don't have much to say here.

I would recommend you to explore Qt's Graphics View Framework - I believe it should interest you. QGraphicsView (derieved from QWidget that you used here), QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsItem are the main classes to study among others. You may find better gfx handling and control over gfx elements (items) in this framework.

croozeus 18:15, 28 April 2011 (UTC)


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