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Talk:Parsing XML files with NanoXML

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Featured article, November 1st 2009 (week 45)

26 Sep
Article Review by kalki (20090926)

One of the most crucial thing when we want to communicate with multiple type of applications and want to share data among them. To accomplish this important task we have XML technology which makes it possible to do above.To Do that we have to store data into .xml file then we can transfer it to any type of applications.

But after storing data into xml files its becomes critical to access that data. We have Kxml parsre and Nanoxml, using that we can parse the received data and can display it in our application.

This article has complete example on Advantage of using NanoXMl and ease of coding to parse xml files. Code has been tested fully and its works as written in this article. Best things about this article is the good attempt to introduce NanoXml Technology compare to Popular KXML technology.