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This is a very useful artical, thanks for writing it. Some questions though:

  • Is there a detection method for Sharp phones?
  • Why are there so many checks need for the motorola phones?

30 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090930)

This article represents a good solution to the problem connecting to the identification of pressed keys. The article provides the solution to create the class called KeyCodeAdapter. Also this class can be used for determining vendor's platform of mobile device where application is launched by calling method getPlatform. The code snippest is given with full description and comments. The problem and the possible solution are elaborately described. Moreover the demostrated example is also attached. This article can be useful to intermediate and experienced developers.

Question regarding the standard keys

This is a brilliant article and proposes an excellent solution to make the same code work on an extensive range of phones.

Out of curiosity, why have different key codes been assigned to the standard keys like KEY_NUM1?


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