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Talk:Porting Android (Java) applications to S60 5th Edition

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23 Sep
Article Review by nirpsis (20090923)

This article is used for developers who want to port the Android applications to S60 5th edition. The S60 platform is designed to provide easy and efficient services for mobile devices. The S60 platform supports various programming language like C/C++, Qt, Java, Flash, Python and Ruby.

The author has described an excellent overview of S60 5th edition and Android development environment. The author has also mentioned how the developers can write applications using various programming language in touch user interface.

The author has explained various topics which covers basic information before you get started like IDEs for Android and S60 5th edition ,SDK for Android and S60 5th edition , emulator, application package for Android and S60 5th edition. Here, the author has also given a code snippet for drawing graphics for Android and Symbian OS 5th edition.

This is a nice article for porting Android Java application to S605th edition. The author has also given some technical references for further requirements.

Abhijeet singh - request--bro detail mai batwo kaise change s60 to anroid

plzz bro in simple laungauge or hindi..........

abhijeet singh 07:43, 22 March 2012 (EET)