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Molbal - Awesome!

It's my second chance!

molbal 20:43, 26 April 2012 (EEST)

Kunal the one - My entry for competition

Capturing Image using QML Camera and Uploading to Facebook

kunal_the_one 10:00, 28 April 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Thanks, I've added it to the competition entries above

Our first competitor, thanks!

hamishwillee 04:44, 4 May 2012 (EEST)

Jaaura - Answers to offline questions concerning the competition

  • Question: If I submit an entry / entries to an earlier segment already, may I continue to further develop and improve those entries for grand prize judgment and/or for the later segments?
    Of course, and in fact endorsed too.
  • What if the example app / article covers also other platforms (besides Qt / Symbian), such as Windows Phone? Is that ok?
    Yes, that is totally fine, however the judgment is made based on Qt / Symbian imaging focus.

jaaura 09:34, 8 May 2012 (EEST)

Martaskolda - Photomosaic App with video

Photomosaic App with Qt

martaskolda 17:38, 9 May 2012 (EEST)

Daliusd -

MeeGo Camera VideoSurface manipulation

daliusd 19:03, 9 May 2012 (EEST)

Lildeimos - my entries

I have just un-draft my articles: QML horizon component for camera apps, CamFeatures: QML component to get camera capabilities and not related to the contest, but with the project that demostrate above components: Settings context property

The project is OMCcam project


lildeimos 22:12, 9 May 2012 (EEST)

Sheenmue - Image editing techniques and algorithms usint Qt

I published my article Image editing techniques and algorithms using Qt

Sheenmue 15:50, 10 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Awesome

Thanks everyone for your new entries! I've added them in the competition page itself - if you think you've been missed please add a comment here.

hamishwillee 03:15, 11 May 2012 (EEST)

Daliusd - Real-time edge detection in camera viewport

I have split my article into two. Here is Real-time edge detection in camera viewport that works both on Symbian and Meego.

daliusd 22:55, 12 May 2012 (EEST)

Jupaavola - My entries

Two more entries:

Hamishwillee - One more day!

Hi Everyone

  • Thanks Daliusd - "Real-time edge detection in camera viewport" now added to competition page. Thanks for splitting the articles - I think much better.
  • Jupaavola - thanks, your entries added too

I have added some unconfirmed entries to the list - these are articles that are in the right categories that were created at the right time but which still have "Draft" and may not be complete. If there is sufficient information in them to assess them, we will consider them.

Remember, last day for this first round is tomorrow midnight GMT. Please add a note to this page if you've created an entry which is not listed in the competition page above.



hamishwillee 03:35, 14 May 2012 (EEST) -

Hi Hamish, I have removed draf status from my article. Regards,

Harald 11:48, 14 May 2012 (EEST)

Fmunozs - Photo effects

My entry !


fmunozs 02:31, 15 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Last day in segment one!

Thanks, Fmunozs - your articles added to the list.

Last day today. Tomorrow the judges will start looking at the winner - we should pick one by early next week.

hamishwillee 07:47, 15 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Thanks Shizzl, you made it!

Hi Shizzl

Thanks for your entry - you made it in time!

I haven't read your entry yet, so I can't comment on what more it needs. However I'm adding review comments to all articles in the competition and I've encouraged other moderators and champions to do so too: we want your contributions to be the best they can be. While these will arrive too late for this part of the competition, if you don't win this round, your entry will be still eligible next round - and if you do win, its still worth improving them because we'll select the grand prize winner at the end.

Although i think i cant compete with all these "complex image processing algorithm" entrys, i'll give it a try, to get one of these awesome 808s i'd do almost anything.... ;)

You're right, there are some absolutely brilliant entries this time! I wouldn't give up though - there are a number of themes in the entries - image processing, reusable components, getting started guides, improved features etc etc. While possible, it is unlikely we'll award all prizes to a single theme.



hamishwillee 03:44, 16 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - First round complete!

Hi Competitors

The first round is complete, and we'll be selecting a winner in the next couple of days from the list above ( ). I'm not expecting this to be easy - you've explored a lot of interesting themes and the quality is way beyond my expectation.

Please note:

  • if you're not selected this time, we've got 2 more segments in which these articles will be reconsidered. If you want you can continue to improve them or provide new entries, and not winning this time does not mean that you won't win the grand prize.
  • No particular theme will necessarily win all prizes - some judges will think tutorials for getting started are most useful, while others will like re-usable components or image processing. If we'd wanted only articles in one particular theme, we'd have made that the theme of the competition!

Thanks again!


hamishwillee 04:04, 16 May 2012 (EEST)

Favoritas37 - my entry

Hello, in the list of entries i don't see is kind of submitted 2 hours before deadline.

So can you please add it in the list?

Here it is: Multifunctional Image Tool: A base for image interaction

Hamishwillee - Added ...

Its worth creating the things a little before the last minute OK? The caching doesn't update in a 2 hour cycle so I missed this.

hamishwillee 13:23, 17 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Tuesday deadline

Hi Everyone

Tuesday evening GMT is next deadline. It looks like we'll have 2 or three new articles, and I know that some of the articles have been improved over the last week.

Please make sure that you submit before the last few minutes, and if possible, also add a link here to your article, if it is not already in the list.



hamishwillee 08:17, 25 May 2012 (EEST)

Fred.duarte - Added my entry - Qt Augmented Reality

And it's done.

I have finished my article for the 2nd round.

Good luck to everyone!

fred.duarte 22:59, 25 May 2012 (EEST)

Jaaura - added...

Qt Augmented Reality to the list. Sounds very interesting. Thanks Fred and good luck

Riussi - Article added

Creating a viewfinder QML-element with access to raw frame data and processing it on a thread added:

riussi 10:06, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Kunal the one - My entry for second round

kunal_the_one 11:15, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Jaaura - added Access camera viewfinder data to the list

Thanks Riussi. Sounds interesting, and nice how you have combined with another project to provide something useful together. Did not try out the project yet, but some screenshot, or maybe even a video could give a quick illustration.

jaaura 16:07, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Jaaura - Added Colordetection to the list

Very nice;-) Would like to rename the title though to something more descriptive - something like "Detecting motion of a colored object from camera viewfinder"?

jaaura 16:32, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Kunal the one - Added Colordetection to the list

@Jaaura, I wanted to change article title, but could not find how, it took my wiki page name as title.

kunal_the_one 17:57, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Jaaura - Use move option to rename

You can find that on the top right hand corner, hover over the arrow next to the watch icon. You are not the first one to wonder this, and I could not find anything with quick look in the help concerning this. I'll make sure we will add this clearer to the wiki help if not already there (like I suspect).

jaaura 19:01, 28 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Last day of segment 2!

Last day of segment two today, ending midnight GMT. Please add link as comment if you add a new article so that I don't miss any.

Jarkko, Kunal, thanks for raising the task. I agree this is not properly documented and I'll deal with it in the coming week (after judging). In the meantime I have moved the topic. Riussi, thanks for your article too!

hamishwillee 02:44, 29 May 2012 (EEST)

Kunal the one - rename option

Thank you Jaaura and Hamishwillee for your help and support.

kunal_the_one 03:49, 29 May 2012 (EEST)

Jupaavola - About editing entry

I edited my entries, are those read/reviewd again ?

Say, are all entries automatically reviewed again in this second round ?

jupaavola 20:50, 29 May 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - @Jupaavola - yes-ish

Hi Jupaavola

Yes and no. Most of the judges will be reviewing every entry again, except those created by daliusd (since they aren't eligible for second round selection). However it is quite natural to scan an article you've already read and the improvements might not be immediately visible. So I strongly suggest that if you've made significant changes you add a comment to the article explaining what you've updated, and why you think this enhances the entry. This doesn't have to be massively detailed, just enough that readers can tell that it needs a more-than-cursory re-reveiw.




hamishwillee 03:30, 30 May 2012 (EEST)

Veektor -

Making a facing direction aware camera in Qt

veektor 11:39, 6 June 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - @Veektor - thanks

I've added this to the list. Thank you.

hamishwillee 13:51, 6 June 2012 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - Last week!

Hi Everyone

Reminder that the competition finishes on Sunday this week (17th). Any last minute entries or updates need to be done by then. I've just added two new ones to the list. Please also add as comments to ensure I don't miss them.



hamishwillee 08:52, 12 June 2012 (EEST)

Veektor - @Hamishwillee - small correction

Hi, Not sure if this entails anything but yeah: my submission was also added just on the final 3rd round :)


veektor 18:24, 15 June 2012 (EEST)

Senu188 - Realty Cam - Really useful Realty app

The app filters List view depending on Camera and GPS position. The list view stores realty (house on sale data). When the camera is pointed at a house, the details of house on sale shows up and near by house listed also shows up.

Hamishwillee - All done an dusted

Hi Competitors

The competition is now complete, bar me sending out some of the prizes (happening now) and compiling the feedback for R&D. If you have any other feedback you'd like to pass to R&D for our imaging APIs, please post it here as soon as possible.

Thank you ALL for competing. Some of you might be disappointed that you didn't win - I understand that because every article had some merit and most would have been really good contenders in previous competitions. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in future - both in competitions and in normal contributions. Remember we give away a phone every month to Wiki Contributor of the Month!



hamishwillee 03:46, 25 June 2012 (EEST)


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