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Talk:QWiimote - Nintendo Wiimote interactions for Qt / Symbian applications

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Hamishwillee - Feedback

Sebastiano, I subedted this:

  • Added an Abstract - it is always a good idea to start with a very brief and straightforward explanation of what the article delivers
  • Improved introduction
  • Added "Sensor" category, removed Multimedia
  • Structurally it was a bit of a mess - with code blocks not associated properly with the APIs they talk about. I've moved things around a bit so that the sections are now more clear.
    • It is now obvious that the Accelerometer and Motion plus sections could use a bit more explanation. You might want to change topic to "how to use the Accelerometer" and also before showing the code explain the key points - e.g. use of enableCoreButtonsAccelerometerExtention

I think this is more readable now. Please confirm you're happy

Oh, and thanks for this. Its an interesting application, a very clean API!

Pankaj, apologies for swamping your edits :-(



hamishwillee 08:03, 29 October 2012 (EET)

Croozeus - Cool project!

It's a cool project Sebastino!

@Hamish - no probs, your edits are thorough!


croozeus 08:42, 29 October 2012 (EET)

Galazzo - New important improvements

Hi All,

As promised I made important improvements to the project:

  1. Motion Plus bind to QML
  2. Accelerometer and Gyroscope smooth data
  3. Slow / Fast movement detection for yaw, roll, pitch gyroscope values
  4. Added Magnitude on gyroscope values. It's the vector module of way,roll and pitch and it's very useful when you need just the strength of the movement indipendently of 3-axis directions
  5. General minor improvements

galazzo 12:24, 12 November 2012 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Thanks !

Hi Sebastiano

On quick scan these features, and the documentation of them look great. Thanks very much!



hamishwillee 06:16, 13 November 2012 (EET)