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Talk:Quicker Go-to-market techniques for Windows Phone apps

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Hamishwillee - Would be better split and reintegrated

Hi Manikantan

There is A LOT of useful content in here, but I'm not sure that a) people will necessarily find this article because it doesn't have enough categories b) its not a bit complicated so people might miss your key points. My suggestion would be to create a number of more targeted articles and reduce the size of this one so that it is "leaner" and more easily digested.

So for example, you could have an article on icons named: "Free Icon Packs for Windows Phone" or "Obtaining Windows Phone Icons" or "Royalty free icons for Windows Phone". My preference woudl be a topic "Windows Phone Icons" which covers everything in this section but includes links to the icon style guide on MSDN. As a separate issue it might also be well worth creating a tools page for Syncfusion alone.

Similarly, the windows phone testkit is very important. Its possibly worth having a tools article on this, and again, you can then just have a section "Testing" which states the importance of using this tool and links to the the new document.

The UI section has about the right level of information, but you should use internal link format to name the links (ie so they look like Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit rather than ). YOu might also want to link to Toolkits and Libraries for Windows Phone

Then this article could be much reduced and link to the new article - increasing the chance that your key points are read and that each of the sections will be found. If you need help, let me know and I can split/subedit for you.

Any thoughts on a good category set for this article?

regards Hamish

PS Remember also that we're not allowed to call the UI "Metro" any more :-(

hamishwillee 04:41, 21 September 2012 (EEST)


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