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Talk:RSS Parser with KXML in Java ME

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30 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090930)

This article describes how to parse an RSS feed using the kXML library. The article consists of an example which shows how to read the title, description and link fields of items in an RSS feed. The example is kept fairly simple to help illustrate the concepts. The main parse method is broken down into different parts which are explained individually. A link is also provided to download a sample midlet containing the code outlined in the article.

The article demonstrates a useful concept. Quite often, midlets download RSS feeds and display this information using some sort of ticker control. The code example is nice and simple and useful explanations are provided for the elements of the parse method which are not obvious (such as reading the "rss" and "channel" tags at the beginning of the feed). The code demonstrates how to open an HttpConnection, retrieve an InputStreamReader object and pass this to the KXmlParser which the kXML library provides.


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